Fb2ePub Windows Converter Suit


This converter represent a set of tools used to convert eBook FB2 (Fiction Book 2) format files, widely adopted in Russia, into more worldwide adopted ePub file format

It also (optionally) embed Cyrillic fonts into resulting ePub files in order to allow proper display on devices without Russian language support

Conversion performed either by:

Converter and it's sources distributed under freeware Microsoft public license

Latest version of the converter 1.1.7 (31/07/2014)

Prev. versions


If you upgrade from version bellow 1.1.1 - please uninstall previous version of converter first

To install the converter please unzip the downloaded installer into any folder and run Fb2ePubSetup.exe.

For detailed instructions please see here.


To see detailed help on settings and parameters please go here.

Latest version changes:

Changes for all versions can be found here.


Source code for converter (freely distributed) can be found here.


Support and feature requests can be requested at this The-eBook Forum thread or by contacting me directly at lordkiron@fb2epub.net. However forum is preferred since it allow others to comment