Version changes

1.1.7 (28/07/2013)

+-= Added Firefox extension to use converter for "saveAs" FB2 dialogs =-

+Added ability to detect FB2 files by content, not by extension, when passed to converter (needed for FF plugin)

+Added returning error from converter to FF plugin

+Added "Open" to File menu in GUI utility - another way to open files for convert selection dialog

+Added resources and conversion process start/end markings to the log

+Added progress bar and status progress reporting to GUI utility

+Added Abort command to converter interface

+Added abort button to GUI utility

+Added "minizip" a build that can be run without installation

+Added setup window call to external interface

+Added code to GUI utility to check for update

*Fixed right click processing of additional folders

*Fixed memory heap corruption in Windows shell extension in case single destination used

*Fixed selecting single destination from GUI settings (now it loaded properly next time you open)

*Fixed "Reset" from settings (destinations do not "multiply" when "Reset" pressed)

*Changed to not "loose" file name characters case when converting a file (passing in and out file name for a file)

*Fixed the issue when elements of type Ignore (e.g. license.xhtml) were added to guide

*Increased Fb2epub.exe log size x10 since it can be used in huge conversions of a lot of files

*Changed progress reporting interface: dropped file counter report as in parallel processing it's meaningless

*Fixed extra space added to "File as" and other such strings

*Changed VS 2012 redist to Update 4 version

1.1.5 (28/07/2013)

+Added styling for <del> element for compatibility with some older readers/browsers

+Added support for generation of Calibre metadata - used for some sorts, series etc.

+Added new command line parameter "calibremeta:[0/1]" to enable/disable Calibre metadata generation

+Added new configuration setting "AddCalibreMetadata" to settings file to enable/disable Calibre metadata generation

+Added Fb2ePub Converter as book producer

+Added 2 new style classes for Title page "title_series" for series on title page and "title_authors" for authors on title page

+Added display log function to GUI utility

+Added display of settings file and log folder to the GUI utility About dialog

+Added a new "/LOG:<file_path>" parameter to command line utility in order to redirect logging, can accept either file path or folder

*Changed to generate truly Flat ePubs

*Re-factoring of the code to perform automatic internal relative paths resolving when constructing ePubs , instead of hard coded

*Replaced <strike> element with <del> element for better XHTML compatibility

*Fixed the bug with XGPT path not loaded in settings GUI

*Fixed shell extension converter sometimes does not convert all files when many files selected (COM interface marshalling between threads problem)

*Changed the left margin in default CSS to match right margin (8pt)

*Changed the installed to install VC++ libraries only if both English and localized versions not present

*Fixed issue with namespace in content.opf some software (like Librusec) "did not liked"

1.1.4 (11/07/2013)

+Added installer code to support configurations with and without embedding fonts

+Added new option for command line utility "/cfg:<path>" to perform conversions using external configuration file

+Added option to generate Apple file that allows Apple devices to use custom (embedded) fonts

+Added code to store and load apple related settings

+Added GUI to control Apple related settings

+Added copyright notice text to "about" page

+Added option to embed invisible license file (on by default when using converter)

+Added some additional error handling for "settings" dialog in case no FB2EPUBExt.INI present in any of the paths

+Added NGEN installation for better performance

+Added option to control if GUI window topmost or not

*Fixed installer problem on x86 systems downloading VCRedist x86 twice

*The shell extension no longer looks for a converter path, as it's a COM object now

*Returned registration of shell extension for 32 bit programs on 64 bit machine that was broken in prev. version

*Moved conversion options configuration to different file defsetting.xml that will be located in user profile, if not exist will be copied there from program folder or created from defaults. This file will be used by all converters either command line , GUI or COM

*When creating configuration from defaults it will not have font settings included

*Changed to use innosetup 5.5.3

*Changed default style to display "code" text on light yellow background on systems that support color

*Doubled size of the single LOG file to reduce number of log files created

*Changed file extension generated by default to be lower case ".epub" in order to fix validation warning and to be more compatible

*Fixed some issues with localization

*Fixed a bug when book ID contained a characters not fit for CSS font family name and decoration enabled - resulted in CSS fonts (including Cyrillic) not being applied

*Fixed loading images with invalid content type values set as generated by some converters (e.g. Any2FB application/octet-stream etc.)

*Fixed problem with default settings file adding f.c. to the Author name

*Fixed the issue with improper filling the identifier in .ncx file (id and content got mixed up) - removes validation warning

*Fixed a namespace issue that prevented proper book sort on some systems

*Fixed a FlatStructure option generating invalid files

1.1.3 (07/01/2013)

+Added settings.cmd file and shourtcut to configure command line converter settings

+Added text and image to about dialog to FB2ePub GUI utility

+If paragraph at the start of the section starts with image, we assume it's a "drop" image and do not create a drop character afterwards

+Added new CSS element "poem_subtitle" for poem's subtitles, also styled it to left allign

+Added new CSS element "poem_title" for poem's title

+Added new CSS element "poem_epigraph" for poem's epigraphs, to destinguish from regular text epigraphs, so they can be styled differently

+Added automatic detection of proper image type in case it was set wrongly in input FB2

+Added integration with FBE editor as an export plugin (you can now export to ePub directly from FBE)

+Single installer for both x86 and x64 versions

*Fixed crash when browse for font button was used from command line utility settings

*Fixed case when file name containing several '.'-s was cut to the first '.' when automatically generating ePub file name

*Fixed case when fonts were not applied by readers in case decoration option was enabled and document had a Id containing '{' or '}' characters

*Fixed case of incorrect display when paragraph starts from link and Drop is enabled

*Fixed converting of poem subtitles

*Fixed converter dropping the "strikethrough" tag text

*Fixed missing "FixAll" option in GUI settings

*Changed UnRar library used from Checklite as they no longer provide free unrar libraries and support for them

*Switched to InnoSetup instead of Setup&Deploy used before

*Switched to Visual Studio 2012 SP1


*Fixed the bug when removing the font assignment to the CSS element did not removed association until the CSS element itself was removed

*Changed transliterate library to not use ASP.NET related commands to be able to compile as Client profile

*Updated to the newer version of (1.2.11) that uses client profile

*Changed .Net 4.0 Profile to .Net 4.0 client profile to make users less to download on install


*Fixed crash if user clicked "Reset" in settings, introduced in prev. version

*Changed both command libne utility and GUI to use same version source file (this fixes issue when GUI added it's own version to converted ePub file)

*Fixed wait cursor in the GUI while converting

*Changed GUI utility to use multicore CPUs (now if processing several files each file processed on it's own core)

*Changed command line utility to use multicore CPUs (now if processing several files each file processed on it's own core)

*Changed installer to install for all users by default


+Added Microsoft public license file

+Added code to control fonts and CSS fonts assignments from settings

+Added support for "application/" media type (*.otf - OpenType fonts)

+Added new .config setting "IgnoreTitle" and new command line parameter "-ignoretitle:" to control which title source to be ignored (nothing by default)

*Moved to .Net framework v4.0 (all libraries too)

*Fixed loading paths ending with '.' in command line utility

*Redesigned font settings structure

*Fonts data storage format inside the configuration file changed

*Fixed deletion of source file (if enabled) in case fix of FB2 failed

*Changed project build structure to contain all my libraries to ease the debug


+Added code to include external adobe XPGT templates into a resulting ePub (updated to v1.0.16 of epublibrary)

+Added new parameter "-xpgt:[0:1]" to enable (1) or disable (0 - default) Adobe XPGT template file

+Added new parameter "-xpgtPath:<path_to_XPGT_file>" to provide alternative path to XPGT template file

+Added new tab in settings to setup XPGT template

+Added two configuration XML parameters "UseAdobeTemplate" (True - to add Adobe XPGT file to resulting ePub, default False) and "AdobeTemplatePath" - path to XPGT template file

+Added "settings" icon to the settings dialog windows

*Changed command line utility console output to show more than one page of help

*Fixed settings tabs not displayed properly on XP (due to XP bug with visual styles)

*If conversion critically failed for some reason, the converter no longer leaves defective (not finished) output file

*Fixed installer to copy Fb2Fix files that were missing


+Added ".poem_author" style element to have it different from citation author in epigraphs

+Added 2 or more returns from notes section in case referenced from more than one place, before only first backlink worked

+Added ability to read some badly formated FB2 files (xmlns="") , for this ubdated to FB2Library.dll v 1.0.17

*Changed the way notes section is generated, now it looks a bit different

*Fixed anchors not converted in poem and citation authors

*Fixed a bug in shell extension where "Here" destination did not worked it there were other target destinations in INI

*Fixed log line bug in case can't delete file

*Fixed a bug where files that did not contained FB2 data were deleted in case *.* mask and delete parameters were used

*Updated to v1.0.15 of EpubLib.dll to fix mimetype extra characters issue (validator failed while checking)

*Fixed rare crash when fixing the misformed XML file using own algorithm

*Fixed rare crash in some drop character processing

*Fixed rare crash in misformated FB2 files related to internal links

*Fixed crash if FB2 contained internal link with only # in a reference (href) field


+Added new setting ("ShowInShell=" and "ShowInGUI") to FB2EPUBExt.INI file to control user available destination paths

+Added new setting "SingleDestination=" to [TARGETS] section of FB2EPUBExt.INI. If set to -1 all works as before, if set to TargetNumber and this target enabled for shall extension then makes this target the only FB2Epub destination available in right-click menu

+Added New "Folders" tab to the settings dialog, allows to control GUI and shell extension destination folders

*Fixed problem when ID of "v" section of the poem was lost in conversion preverting internal linking to it

*Changed default LOG folder to "LocalApplicationData" usualy C:\Users\<user name>>AppData\Local

*Fixed Capital Drop in case it encluded horizontal ellipsis before any character (in dialogs etc)

*Fixed several bugs that prevented conversion of files in rare cases of badly formated FB2

*Switched to version 1.0.16 of fb2librarynet library to fix several minor bugs

*Switched to version 1.0.15 of epublibrary library to fix several minor bugs

*Fixed problem with system not loading all the FB2 settings from .config file, introduced 2 version ago


+Added ability for FB2ePubGUI to switch languages from menu

*Fixed condition that prevented x86 installer to run on x86 systems :)


+Added ePub icons to contect menu

+Added new parameter "/settings" to bring up converter setup window

+Added first initial implementation of Fb2ePubGUI application (Drag'n'Drop) GUI for converter

*Changed build environment to Visual Studio 2010

*Changed shell extension to not create submenu if no paths set INI INI, in this case the item added to main menu

*Fixed the shell extension bug when providing destination without slash in INI caused resulting file not to be created

*History now loaded as an Annotation block (as it should be) not just as simple text

*Fixed crash related to stack overflow when system was unable to split the file


+Added hiddeen parameter to skip generation of "About" page

+Character '«' now also treated same as dash, so it wil not be alone in case of dropped capital

+Epigraph author is now always printed in bold in default style

+Added different class "epigraph_main" for a book's main epigraphs (not inside sections)

*Fixed bug when font without style attribute and font with "normal" attribute were considered different , this caused sometimes for italic styles to be overwriten

*Fixed crash in case defective PNG file was in original .FB2

*Fixed a bug when CSS stylesheet for one element contained more than one occurance of same parameter (in this case previously entire element was ignored)

*Some small changes to the look of the epigraph in default style

*Conversion part of the code was heavily refactored, so expect new bugs and crashes :)

*Changed default CSS settings for subtitle to allow a bit more space before subtitles (on the top)

*Subtitle element is no longer enclose in DIV - it was not needed

*Drop capitalization is no longer performed on notes sections


+Added CSS style for "normal_image"

+Switched to version 1.0.14 of FB2librarynet library that fixes several bug (detailed here)

+Changed code to support more than one section image (as according to schema)

*Fixed the bug where images after section image were replacing section image

*Changed the non-section and non-inline images class to "normal_image" to be able to style them separately

*Changed command propmpt execution file to contain title and open one window right away


* Changed the way dropped capitals are calculated - now if section starts from any type of dash/hyphen looking character we add the character that follows it to the drop, this way it looks better

* Removed 2 character minimum limitation on dropped capitals


+ Added ability to draw "Capitalized" character (Huge "floating" character to start section that takes several lines sometimes called "dropped capital")

+ Added new parameter -cap:[0/1] (default 1 -enabled) and .config setting "Capitalize" to control first character capitalization

* Changed the default CSS style to support first character capitalization

* Fixed old bug that prevented creation of multilevel headers <h1>,<h2>,<h3>,... based on depth(all <h2> were always created)

* Switched to newer version of UnRar library (Chilkat

* Changed setup to have 2 different versions for x64 and x86 since we actualy have 2 versions of Chilkat library, this should fix the bug with unable to unrar on x64 systems

* Added dependedncy of Chilkat library to MS VCRT DLLs


+ Reorganized code to add to GoogleCode

+ Added project links to resulting "About" page


+ Added new format name option and setting ( "nseqformat:" and "NoSequenceFormat") used to format info title description when book has no seq number or 0. Same format options as for SequenceFormat.

+ Added new format name option and setting ( "nnseqformat:" and "NoSeriesFormat") used to format info title description when book has no series. Same format options as for SequenceFormat.

+ Added new formating strings for Author name , the string controlled by "-aformat:" parameter or "AuthorFormat" setting in configuration file. The following format options are allowed: %f% - first name %m% - middle name %l% - last name %n% - nick name Also following modifiers specified after '.' (dot) are allowed for %f%, %m%, %l% and %n%: c - Capitalize, l - lowercase, u -UPPERCASE additionally another subformat :b can be added to take name in brackets Default: "%f.c%%m.c%%l.c%%n.c:b%" (please note no spaces required, inserted automatically)

+ Added new formating strings for "FileAs author" , the string controlled by "-svformat:" parameter or "FileAsFormat" setting in configuration file. The following format options are allowed: %f% - first name %m% - middle name %l% - last name %n% - nick name Also following modifiers specified after '.' (dot) are allowed for %f%, %m%, %l% and %n%: c - Capitalize, l - lowercase, u -UPPERCASE additionally another subformat :b can be added to take name in brackets Default: "%l.c%f.c" (please note no spaces required, inserted automatically)

* Fixed a bug that caused main.css style file not to be created if epub did not included any fonts


+ Setup project added

+ Fonts settings moved to separate assembly for future reuse

+ Added new parameter /seqformat:<format> and new .config setting "SequenceFormat" for formating book title description info (thanks wserg) , This allows to define what will be displayed on book description page. The following format options are allowed: %bt% - BookTitle from FB2 header %sf% - Serie full name from FB2 header %sa% - Serie abbviarated name from FB2 header %sn% - book number in the series Also following modifiers specified after '.' (dot) are allowed for %bt%, $sf% and %sa%: c - Capitalize, l - lowercase, u -UPPERCASE additionaly for parameter %sn% numeric modifier can be used to specify 0-preffix of the number The default format is same as in prev versions: "%bt% %sa.l%-%sn%"

* Fixed problem when when /s parameter used and two file names specified, no 2nd parameter ignored

* Fixed iTunes cover display broken couple of versions ago

* Fixed wrong two diggits series number abbreviation in book title description (thanks to wserg)


* Fixed crash, introduced in prev. version, in some cases where autthors middle name was empty , last name not empty, first name empty

* Fixed "main" TOC entry created if Fb2 contained main epigraph or images

* Title page is no longer part of the navigation TOC


+ Added bold fonts to the default .config file - files are now a bit bigger but look better (bold shown properly)

+ Added new parameter (-emstyles:[0/1]) and new config file setting (EmbedStyles)to embed styles and font data inside xHTML files instead of creating CSS files and referencing them. This feature for the readers that do not support reading styles from referenced CCS style files

+ Added new parameter (-apng:[0/1]) and new config setting (ConvertAlphaPNG)to control conversion of PNG images with Alpha channel, the setting enabled by default because ADE and other Adobe SDK derived software can't display PNG with alpha colors in the pallete

+ Added new parameter -flat:[0/1] , using this parameter forces creation of "flat" ePub files, meaning without directory substructure (no "images", "css", "fonts" subfolders - old the files in main folder). This feature added to support some buggy readers

+ Added publishing date to metadata

+ Added "file as" attribute in content for creator and contributor

+ Added ability to registration utility to control the INI, allowing to control file types processed in more details

* Changed .config file to provide support for display of the embeded fonts on Kobo reader

* Changed content.opf generation to generate good opf scheme name

* Changed "file as" creators to be comma separated

* Changed the way authors' names are generated in metadata to avoid extra spaces

* Changed to use transliteration library v1.0.1 to support new HTML transliteration mode

* Changed the table generation so if element contained within cell is simple one it no longer embeded in redundant paragraph

* Changed to latest version of ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll (0.86)

* Changed the code so system no creates one single CSS file instead of two, combining data from both of them

* Fixed some low chance potential crash issue

* Fixed configuration utility issue when already registered state caused registration to be selected on start

* Fixed registration app spelling

* Fixed adding same subject twice in case it entered both in FB2 Title and Source info


+ The reslulting ePub now has "second Title page" , the main one lists book name, seriaes and authors, while new one lists main section Title (if present in document) with all it's anchors, styles etc

+ Added grid for the tables in default style

+ Added full support for loading and converting table cells content (not just simple text)

* fb2Librarynet ver 1.0.13 used to load full tables

* Changed subtitle element from H2 to paragraph, the default style also updated accordingly - this should allow bettwe manual control over the subtitle look using styles

* Fixed problem of book title not shown on title page in case main body title was empty

* Updated help message to reflect -t:4 and -t:5 options

* Updated to version 1.0.12 of Fb2Fix


* Switched to version 1.0.12 of fb2librarynet that fixes crash on books without cover image introduced in prev. version


+ Switched to v1.0.11 of fb2librarynet, some changes made ther by "malishp"

+ Added GetHash ovverride to FontDefinition object to avoid warning messages

+ Added new transliteration command-line parameters: /t:4 (transliterate metadata but not TOC) and /t:5 (transliterate metadata and file name but not TOC)

+ Added new .config file setting TransliterateTOC - True (default) causes TOC to be transliterated if transliteration of metadata enabled

* Changed epigraph authors to be entered not as simple text but as paragraph

* Fixed adding not needed '-' character in sequence name in case sequence number was not set at all (not just 0)

* Moved to new version of Fb2Fix - several bugs fixed there including droping of sub-sequences and now it can fix more files

* "()" no longer added to book title if book contains only empty sequences

* Fixed a bug when Author's name on the title page was also transliterated if transliteration enabled

* Changed XML namespace declarations in OEBPS\Content.opf to be more compatible with some exotic converters

* Changed empty line from regular space to NBSP since some readers ignore the regular space character


+ Added capability to write sequence names on title page

+ Added ability to add sequence names abbreviations to the file title

+ Added .config file setting (AddSequences) to control if seq. abbreviations should be added

+ Added new parameter "seqadd:" to control adding sequence abbreviations from command line, 0 - do not add , 1 - add (default)

* Fixed not reading file sequences and sub-sequences (new version of Fb2Librarynet 1.0.10. used)

* Fixed wrong default in config file that caused Fb2Fix to be applied always.

* Removed line needlessly creating (saving) default setting on load


+ Added cover meta data element to the opf file so iTunes can display cover

* Fixed wrong text allignment values for "stanza" and "v" in default.css


+ Added "body_image" CSS class style in case user want to change representation of the body main section image

+ Added "div.coverpage" and "img.coverimage" CSS style classes to CSS settings to user control cover page looks

+ Added "div.titlepage" CSS style classes to CSS settings to user control title page looks

* Changed cover, title and about pages to use styles defined in main.css not hardcoded styles, so user can change

* Font properties in main.css is no longer written as empty if the property not defined

* Fixed main mody section image was dropped from resulting file

* Finally fixed the problem with main.css file growing when processing several files at once

* Fixed not reading other font attrinutes from .config if style=""

* The font style property is no longer added to main.css if style="" in .config file

* Fixed adding "note_anchor" class style to backlinks from FB2 notes sections

* Fixed annotation page not being marked as of "annotation" style class

* Changed default.css for annotation to be displayed in "smaller" font size


+ Added generation of font family name if font family name is empty in .config file

* Fixed mess with adding huge font names to main.css if font name was not set in .config file

* Fixed adding several fonts to same css element (usual cas - body) in case they defined


+ Added support for repairing of bad Fb2 files using Fb2Fix library v1.0.10.36017 (thanks to Andriy Ryepin and stuff of the Fb2Fix project : )

+ Added new parametr "-fix:" relted to fixing broken Fb2 files

* Fixed boldnes not being passed to CSS file from font setting in config file.


* Updated Fb2Library to version 1.0.8 to load files with images defined as "image\jpg"

* Changed justification of stanza and v elements in default CSS to justify left - looks better

* Reduced margins for poem element in default CSS to fit more poem lines in one line

* Fixed error when superscript text was converted to emphosized text

* Changed russian text in about based on users suggestion ;)


* Fixed problem with main document epigraphs dropped out of resulting ePub


+ Added code to use app data path for log if local not found and use "logs" subfolder in case none of them found

+ Added writing converter version at last (About) page of the converted book

+ Changed FB2 info at the end not to write "unknown-uid" in case uid is unknown :)

* Fixed some text dropped if atributed text used inside code elements


* Fixed case where some images were dropped if image file name contained different case characters

* Changed level of sub section titles to one less (h2 instead of h1) because they looked too big on some reader like Sony


+ Added annotation page after a title page containing FB2 book annotation

+ Added some triks to read some broken FB2 files

* Fixed crash in case FB2 file contained invalid date of publishing

* Fixed case where sometimes backlink was added to entire paragraph


+ Changed all the log to be written to application local folder (which is usualy in %HOMEPATH%\Local Settings\Application Data\<App_Name>\<version_name> , where App_Name = FB2EPub and version_name is a latest version number) - UAC compatibility thing.

+ Changed the way backlinking done, now it always works on any type of section

+ Added code to split huge (>300k) Div blocks to sub blocks

+ Added ability to convert files with multiply "body" elements containing text, only body named "notes" or "footnotes" treated as FBE created notes

* Fixed the problem when files that have XML structure error get deleted when deletesource parameter set

* Program can now recover from invalid XML structure due to '&' characters used instead of &amp;

* Changed the program not to abort conversion if one of the IDs used not found (in case element was dropped due size)

* Fixed crash when invalid FB2 file have cover object but no reference to cover

* Fixed strange case when FB2 file contained images with same names but different case of characters

* In default.css reduced default title sizes a bit - were too big

* Fixed section images not always centered (actually container for CSS style was not always generated so style was not applyed)


+ Added support for reading FB2 files with GIF images inside (Gifs were dropped before)

* Fixed bug when conversion failed if one of attributes contained character 'q' in it's name

* Fixed inline only images binary data not copied to resulting ePub

* Fixed bug introduced in prev. version with dropping images

* Fixed exit on files with book titles containing internal anchor link

* Fixed anchor link if it was located in book title

* Fixed problem when (if document was split) the split point was added to TOC as a navigation item

* Changed the code and default CSS style so the section images are centered but not streatched to the width (caused problems with some small decoration images)

* updated to newer version (9.0.8) of "Chilkat RAR for C#" library

* Updated to newer version (1.0.6) of FB2Library to support reading FB2 files with GIF images inside


+ Added support for linking from several location to same ID (backlinking however still "jumps" to first out of all links)

+ Image files references to files missing are now removed to get valid ePub

* Fixed hang in case one of the undevidable element's size is bigger than 300k (limit defined for ePub readers. Howver in such case unfit item will be dropped.

* Fixed internal crossrefferensing broken in one of prev. versions

* Fixed some issues with ePub generation of multilevel inclusions of text elements one in another

* Moved to FB2Library v1.0.5 that fixes reading multilevel including text elements from FB2

* Fixed invalid link in Fb2 information page links in case the text entered there is not a URL (ePub validity issue)

* Changed default style to add 20% margin to poems on both sides so they look more "centered"


+ Added icons to the program

+ Added installation and upgrade steps to program's readme.html.

* Moved to FB2Library v1.0.4 to fix styled text nested in [code] tag problem

* Fixed bug with not showing normal text having style subtypes nested

* Fixed bug with deleting source file even if conversion failed

* Added workaround in case we have internal link with an empty reference - in this case it treated as a simple text

* Fixed exit in case input file not found (less error output)


+ Added new default font section to the .config file to point to font used for [code] text, it was not russified otherwise

+ Added code to work on entire folder even if folder path does not ends with backslash

+ When converting with subfolders converted files now stored in original folder unless output parameter invoked

+ Added new parameter -m:[0/1/2/3] to search for either *.fb2 or *.* or some other extensions files when working on folders (see readme for details)

+ Added new parameter /DELETESOURCE (all capital) to delete source file upon successful conversion

* Changed the code to support reffering to the same embedded font file several times from .config file without actually adding it to ePub twice

* Moved to fixed FB2Library v1.0.3 to fix loading of tables

* Fixed a bug in table generation resulting in empty tables


+ Added new parameter /s to convert in subfolders if using mask (results still will be put in default output location)

* Fixed extension registrator class to detect when we registered to AND file extension

* Rewriten registration utility to provide wizard like user interface

* Added russian translation to registration wizard

* Fixed problem when "inline" links point to external (internet) resources

* Fixed recognition of mailto: prefix as external linking

* Increased (x10) maximum log file size to avoid creating a lot of log backups


+ Added special handling in case input FB2 file contains invalid XML characters

* Fixed not being able to convert files with poems that had authors

* Fixed (worked around) case when UnRar refused to unrar files with spaces in file name


+ Added ability to run shell extension on 64bit OS

+ Created CMD file to perform build

+ Added automatic detection of OS type (32/64 bit) and selection of apropriete DLL by registration utility

+ Added more logging to extension in case of errors

+ Added support for extension to react on any .ZIP/.RAR files as well as ANY type of files, not just .FB2.ZIP and FB2.RAR (need to be allowed in INI)

+ Added parameter /rAll to allow registration of shell extension for ANY file

* Fixed "Unregister all" button in RegisterFB2EPub utility shifted left on some systems


+ Added mechanizsm to register extension DLL in case of UAC

+ Added some error output when unable to (un)register shell extension DLL

+ Changed shell extension to compile with static libraries to avoid deployment problems

* Fixed ocasional crash in shell extension

* Fixed small memory leak in shell extension


+ Some small speed optimization in case source file contains a lot of external links.

* Changed shell extension to process file names with spaces

* Fixed incorrect TOC generation (3rd level TOC items were dropped) in several cases

* Fixed program failing to generate a file when TOC item with emplty name had subitems

* Fixed initial configuration file to include fonts data

* Updated help file

* Fixed crash caused by invalid files with empty referenced section names

* Fixed some rare case when same ID was used twice if contained invalid (for ID) characters causing EPub not passing validation

* Filtered out TOC from control characters that caused ADE to display TOC wrongly


+ Added generation of FB2 Info page at the end of the converted book

+ Added parameter -f2i:0/1 to disable/enable generation of Fb2 Info page

+ Added ability to control fonts used based on .config file (this was actually added in prev. version, just not published). See readme for usage.

- "EmbedFonts" setting and -e parameter has been removed since they are no longer needed ("Fonts" section of the .config file used instead)

* Some major internal code structure changes

* Anchors with empty or not used references converted to SPAN elements if they have content (and class set to "ex_bad_link"), otherwise - removed

* Speed and memory usage improvements (memory usage cut about by half)

* Changed readme_en.txt to readme_en.htm

* Changed to log exceptions fully , not just messages


+ Added support for processing wildcard input filenames (*.zip etc)

+ Added ability to process more that one FB2 file per ZIP

+ Added creation of output folder in case not exists

+ Added more logging

+ Added aditional destinations besides ("Here") for FB2EPUB shell extension (configured by FB2EPUBExt.INI file)

+ Added checking for invalid id attributes and converting them to valid

* Significantly speed up processing of huge (in terms of text) FB2 files

* Changed code not to add image references in case no image present in binary form

* Anchors pointing to non existing IDs are removed.


+ Added support for logging errors (not really used yet)

* Fixed crash on files that have no titles at all

* Fixed generation of invalid EPUBs if all sections had empty titles

* Fixed not reading/converting epigraph authors (updated to v 1.0.2 of fb2library)

* Changed CSS style a bit for section images to work around Adobe bug of overlaping images (fix with style it even should not support :))

* Changed handling of FB2 empty line element to correctly display it

* Changed generation of font family names to include document ID to workaround Adobe fonts "cache" bug

* Fixed case where input FB2 did not had a ID


+ Added "one click" shell extension to perform conversion using right mouse click

+ Added options to register (/r) and unregister (/u) shell extension

+ Added option to transliterate output file name (/t:2 and /t:3)

+ Added option (-e:) to disable/enable embeding of the fonts

+ Added storing of the settings in file

* Fixed crash if no input file name supplied, only options

* Changed that converter takes path for CSS and FONT files relatively to the executing EXE assembly and not from current folder


+ Added support for PNG grphic files

* changed default CSS style for paragraph to work around Adobe bug.

* uses ver 1.0.1 of fb2librarynet assembly


+ Added more error messages when invalid options parameters supplied

+ Added -o: (/o:) output path parameter

* Changed help message to reflect new parameters

* Fixed some crashes in case of input FB2 file does not have Annotation and some other fields filled etc


+ Added build.txt

+ Added readme_en.txt

+ Added styles_en.txt with explanations on CSS class elements used.

+ added option (-t:1) to transliterate the book, author and chapters names to fix the display on readers without cyrillic support

* Changed to use fb2librarynet as separate external assembly ( )

* Updated code to match some interface changes in fb2librarynet assembly


+ Added display of input and output file names when loading/saving

+ Added support for detection of ZIP files without ZIP extension

+ Added support for RAR-ed files

+ Added support for processing archives containing more than one FB2 file (in such case outputed files named with _0, _1 and so on)

* Fixed crash when input file is of unsupported file type

* Fixed crash when invalid (not existing) file name supplied

* Fixed crash if output file exists and busy/not writable

* Fixed wrong handling of supplied output filename

* Some changes to default CSS the way I like it :) mainly no spaces between paragraphs.

* Changed the notes link to be heading so it can be cusomized better with styles

* Changed notes generation updates code to be more generic for any anchor in any structure


+ Files now splited to XHTML files by section

+ Added some definitions to default CCS file so now epigraphs and citations no longer look as normal text.

+ added book FB2 description to EPUB description

+ Added spliting XHTML files by size , big text is no longer a problem

+ Added linking from the notes page back to the anchor page

* Title, Cover , About etc are no longer part of the navigation tree.

+ - Feature added

* - Bug fixed/Feature changed

- - Feature/code has been removed